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Going green: Sustainable wallpaper is the way forward!

With environmental issues – from water pollution to global deforestation – at the forefront of our minds, we’ve taken a number of steps to minimise our impact on the planet.

Although the current coronavirus outbreak is grim and deeply concerning, one silver lining is that we’re all doing less to pollute the environment. In a matter of months, greenhouse gas emissions have fallen across continents as a side effect of less travel and industrial manufacturing. Life will inevitably return to some sort of normality, in time, but we have made a long-term commitment to reduce our impact on the environment in a number of ways.  

We’ve adjusted our day-to-day actions in the studio – we always switch off unnecessary lights and computer monitors and recycle our rubbish.

But it’s in the production of our wallpaper that we’ve made the biggest changes… We’ve examined each aspect of the process – from print to packaging – in order to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment:

  • we only use paper from FSC-certified sources
  • we only use eco-friendly water-based inks
  • all of our packaging is either biodegradable and/or recyclable

In addition, to minimise wastage, we use a high quality in-house digital printer so that we only print as much product is required by our clients.

Reforestation with One Tree Planted

We’re also proud to have joined with an inspiring global reforestation initiative, One Tree Planted.

As part of the One For One model, we’ve pledged that for every roll of wallpaper sold from The Islands collection (and all future collections), we’ll contribute to a tree being planted.

One tree planted logo

Embracing green

We’re not alone in our dedication to sustainable practices, here are some of our favourite green British homeware companies:

1. Weaver Green

The team behind Weaver Green have perfected a process to turn plastic bottles into fibres that are soft and wool-textured yet also machine-washable and stain resistant.

With fair trade and ethical manufacture as another core value, Weaver Green employs artisans throughout Europe and Asia to produce beautiful products, including rugs, blankets, dog beds, table linens, footstools, cushions and bags, using their hand-woven 100% recycled plastic textile.

2. Tala

Tala is an award-winning lighting brand that specialises in low-energy LED lighting that recreates the warm glow of incandescent bulbs. Sustainability, technology and design are the key features at the heart of their collections.

Like us, Tala support reforestation programmes by donating a portion of their revenue to tree-planting programmes – The Heart of England Forest and the National Forest Foundation in the USA – to offset the carbon emissions generated by their products.

The Tala team is also exploring upcycled materials, with a range made from a new product created from repurposed broken solar panels.

3. MAiK

With a strong sense of responsibility to the environment and people at its core, MAiK offers a range of sustainably sourced and ethically produced homeware products.

Kitchenware and bags are made from responsibly sourced wood and cork, unbleached organic cotton, and water-based inks and are wrapped in 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

4. Wearth London

Wearth London is an online platform that is dedicated to selling products by independent eco-friendly brands. Categories on the site enable consumers to search for products which satisfy values including plastic-free, refillable, recycled and social contribution.

As well as stylish homeware and furniture, you’ll also find lifestyle and beauty products, zero-waste essentials and jewellery.

We hope our article has inspired you to think about making greener choices when it comes to your home and business.