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Community post: Design Havens for Heroes

Elizabeth Ockford Ltd is proud to have teamed up with Design Havens for Heroes, an initiative that will provide interior havens for NHS workers who have been on the front-line during the Covid-19 pandemic. We will be donating free wallpaper to several schemes working closely with one of the fantastic Interior Designers who have pledged their time.

Design Havens for Heroes was founded by Francesca Rowan-Plowden, of Rowan Plowden Design Ltd, as a way of bringing together people from across the interiors sector to help give back to the NHS workers.

You can nominate an NHS worker by tagging them in any post on the Design Havens for Heroes Instagram page. The team will match the nominee to one of the many Interior Designers who have volunteered their time and services. The Interior Designer will then work with an extensive list of companies who have donated their products to the cause to help create a beautiful haven for our hero.

“Design Havens for Heroes is a collective from all areas of interior design; designers, brands, suppliers, makers, and trades, who will pull together their talents and resources, donations of products and time, to create havens for frontline NHS workers which they can retreat too post the coronavirus crisis passes and lockdown eases.” 

– Francesca Rowan-Plowden, founder of Design Havens for Heroes

How to nominate your NHS hero

Visit the Design Haven for Heroes Instagram page and tag your NHS nominee in any of their posts or you can email

This initiative has created a beautiful sense of community spirit, and we are so glad to be a part of it.

Before you go...

In a previous blog post we mentioned that we are offering a 20% discount to all key workers who order directly through us.

Take a look through our extensive range of wallpapers and once you have decided how to spruce up your home, email with your order (along with proof of key worker employment) and we will apply the 20% off.

Featured wallcoverings in this post: 

Quote taken from Francesca’s interview with Good Homes magazine.

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Community post: Thank you key workers

As a thank you to all key workers, we are offering 20% off when you order directly through us. 
Send an email to with your order (and proof of key worker employment) and we will apply the 20% off.

We understand many key workers don’t have home decorating in the forefront of their minds right now, so we are running this discount for 6 months.
We can also help you pick the right wall covering for your home, just send an email with an idea of what you are looking for and we will send you some options straight to your inbox or in the post.
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Community post: Free digital paper bundle

Digital Paper Bundle Feature Image
Digital Paper Bundle Title Image

We have been rummaging through our design archives to get together a free digital paper bundle for you to use with your arts and crafts at home.

Simply use the link below, download as many digital papers as you want and print them at home to use with your creative ideas.

How to use the digital papers?

Click on this link to access all 100 digital papers. 

Once they are downloaded you can either print them straight away on your printer at home or you can use an image editing software to take full advantage of the seamless designs by placing them next to one another creating a bigger pattern to use. 

How are they offered?

All of the 100 digital papers are offered as high resolution 30cm x 30cm JPGs. 

These are seamless designs so you can place as many as you’d like next to each other, both horizontally and vertically, to create a bigger pattern repeat.

There are five different colourings over twenty different designs meaning you can mix and match the different papers in hundreds of different ways.

What to create using the digital papers?

The papers can work in an abundance of ways: from collaging your favourite drawing; adding to your scrapbook; or even creating greeting cards to send to your loved ones.

There are so many ways to utilise these digital papers and we would love to see what you do with them.

Either tag us on Instagram (@Elizabethockford) or email your photos to

These designs are 100% free to use, we wanted to offer something to our customers during these uncertain times and what better way than to utilise our strength in pattern.

We wish you all good health in the weeks and months to come.

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