Bespoke / Commission

I am available for a variety of  bespoke/commission projects. I can design you a custom wallpaper,   and supply  the product,   paint a mural to your specific desire, and colour existing wallpaper from my range  wallpaper to suit a particular persons taste or decorating scheme.

See below examples of previous bespoke/commission projects I’ve worked on.

For commission work you can email me: or use the contact form here.

Bespoke Fireplace

My clients had a very plain fake fireplace, that had been built to conceal one from the 1979’s.

They asked me to create a fireplace, reminiscent of their favourite one at Charleston Farmhouse, and to keep the marks very painterly.

I created a colour pallet to tie in with their walls, blinds and furnishings, and hand painted the fireplace in situ.

Bespoke Wallpaper & Colouring - Horizon

My existing Horizon design was re coloured to match to existing paint colours, for this Physiotherapy Pratice in Oxford.

Josh's Bedroom - Bespoke Wallpaper

My son wanted hand drawn airplanes and his favourite cartoon character for his bedroom walls.

Bespoke Wallpaper & Colouring - Bahama

I worked with an Interior Designer who was glamorously updating her new home in Cornwall. You can see the intense shade of pink that she wanted to match to, and the exquisite sink that my Bahama design now sits with very prettily.

Petersfield Mural - Coming Soon

Do you have a large blank wall?       

In this project I will soon be painting a simple geometric abstract wall mural, that introduces a feel of the Sussex hills into the room.

The client has given me a specific colour pallet, and I will be working with these views that they have at the bottom of their garden.

Teenage Bedroom Moodboard

This teenager was determined to have black wallpaper. So her parents asked me to create a Mood Board for them and her, to visualise how that could work.

The end result is bold- but she is very happy with it!

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