Introducing Elizabeth Ockford

” I find myself often drawn to animals and nature in my work – and mostly animals from the sea. I love the idea of the viewer having narratives and stories from their personal history, that are brought to life by my paintings of animals that hold symbolic meanings.

Textures, colourful things, and metallics always catch my eye and this comes through in my work. Colour is a constant, key presence in all of my designs. I embrace colour in all its forms and I’m endlessly fascinated by the feelings and emotions that colour can evoke.

Ultimately, I paint and design with the aim of evoking joy, raising a smile, creating a positive mood.

– Elizabeth Ockford

Charcoal Sketch, Ariadne Hare
Birchgrove Horse

For over 35 years, Elizabeth Ockford has been designing and creating art works. After having been the Design Director at Osbourne and Little in London, she returned to art school in 2005 and completed a degree and a Masters in Fine Art at the University of London (Camberwell).

Since then she has been working both as a textile designer and also as a fine artist from her studio in Sussex.

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